Image  depot  viewer

Directory tree browser (left panel in the main window) you can browse the directory structure and double click (or press return) to select a folder into the active (as recipient) image depot field. To make that field active just click on it and the frame's color will change to dark blue. The same way is used in the composer Options or in Image Depot master.

In Directory browser you navigate in the usual Windows manner and the directories are color marked as black - no images, blue - some images but not an image depot and green - image depot directory.  You can use the arrows key from your keyboards to navigate and Return key to select, if you prefer. You can switch between hard disks from the combo-box in the top right corner. There you can find the history list as well.

Right click on any directory name and from popup menu you can Rename that directory or Create a new subdirectory to the same one.

Directory browser is visually alternative to the log (by default) but if you need them both drag the top splitter in the directory browser to see the log and the directory browser on the top the other.

 Above the directory tree you will find Refresh button to reload the current drive in case you have made an external change.

List view of the viewer

The viewer (Image Depot Viewer tab) shows a Scripthea image depot (a folder with bunch of images and decription.idf  file to link images to respective prompt and other properties). You can change the default image depot folder coming from options. From directory browser (left panel) you can browse the directory structure and double click (or press return) to select a folder for viewing. You can chose between list view and thumbnail (grid) view.

In list view you can select a row and the respective image will show on the right. 

In the grid view you can adjust the thumbnails from the menu (bottom left button). You can move around with the blue arrows on the bottom, all self-explanatory. From left to right: first image; page up; image up; image down page down; last image . On the very bottom common (for both views) there is the find panel which will find a word in the prompts of the active image depot and select it.

You probably already noticed that list view is faster and grid view is easier on the eyes.

Slide show - Play button (or F11 key) on the top of images list or grid to start the slide show. It will show images in sequence, actually it switches from active image to the next image in Delay seconds. You can change the active image any time during the show. The slide show will stop at the last image or by clicking on Stop icon or by pressing Escape key or if you change the image depot or the view.

Find/Mark The text box on the bottom provide you with easy access to an image if you know some word(s) from the prompt. After typing some text using wildcards (? *) or not, you can jump (up/down) to the next occurrence of the text. Another way is to click on Mark button to mark the images by the same criteria - similar to the same feature in modifiers.

Useful feature here is deleting the selected image from Image Depot (Delete or NumPad - ) and recover the last deleted image (NumPad + ).

You can rate the selected image using NumPad numbers or the slider next to SD parameters (bottom/right in the viewer). If you prefer using NumPad keys take a note that the image you rate needs to be selected (in blue). The set ratings will be automatically saved in the image depot DESCRIPTION.idf file.
NB The ratings are particularly effective through out the selection process of visualizing your intentions.



Grid view of the viewer

The image viewer (on the right) is very simple: buttons for: zoom-in; zoom-out and fit to the panel. When the image is zoomed-in you can use the scroll-bars to pan (move) it.
On the top right, blue copy icon will copy the selected image into the clipboard or you can drag and drop the image to your destination software (e.g. MS Word or Photoshop).
Meta checkbox will show a list with meta-info from the image file (meta-info location in *.png file).


Operation Shortcut key
in list view: select previous / next image up / down keys (space bar = down)
in grid view: select previous / next image

upper / lower image row

left / right keys (space bar = right)

up / down keys

rate selected image from 0 to 9 from NumPad 0 to NumPad 9
 page up / page down PgUp / PgDn
 first / last image Home / End
 delete selected image Delete or NumPad -
 recover last deleted image NumPad +
Start / Stop slide show F11/ Esc
Zoom In / Zoom Out of the shown image (right) Ctrl NumPad+ / Ctrl NumPad-
Fit (unzoom) Ctrl NumPad 0